Alternative Realities in Networked Environments

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Alternative Realities in Networked Environments

The ALTERNE project aims to construct an Alternative Reality platform to support the development of digital, interactive and participatory artistic
activities. We define Alternative Reality as a generalization of
Virtual and Mixed Reality beyond the common "space-based" simulation.

The aim of the technical developments is to extend the current
techniques of Mixed Reality to support the more advanced
experimentations with reality and virtuality that are required by the
process of artistic creation. While traditional Virtual Reality
essentially addresses the construction of visually realistic synthetic
worlds, ALTERNE supports additional layers that make it possible
to explore other concepts such as: causality, relations between time
and space, alternative laws of physics, alternative life forms, etc.,
in a more radical fashion.

The ALTERNE platform brings a high level of integration between the current techniques supporting Mixed Reality, graphics, interaction and behavioural models. It promotes the artistic development and explorations of various forms of perception of spatiotemporal orders by placing the human body and its digital surrogates at the centre of aesthetic considerations. As such, it aims to provide a more comprehensive medium for the exploration of emotions, from the movements of the human body to the socialized interpretations of action.

Information Society Technologies: ALTERNE is a multi-annual research and development project supported by European Commission within Cross Programme Action 15
(Technology Platforms for Cultural & Arts Creative Expressions) of
DG Information Society (reference nr. IST-2001-38575).